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Chemical analysis – Flame tests & Tests for gases


1) First get your mystery solution.

2) Then sterilise you Nichrome Wire.

3) Now, dip your Nichrome wire into the mystery solution.

4) Next, place your nichrome wire (which has the mystery solution) on the Bunsen Burner flame and observe the colour of the flame.

5) Match the colour of the flame to a colour of a specific metal ion.

Colour of metal ions under flame:

  • Lithium ion —> Crimson Flame
  • Calcium ion —> Orange-Red Flame
  • Potassium ion —> Lilac Flame
  • Sodium ion —> Yellow Flame
  • Copper ion —> Green Flame

Tests For Gases:

  1. Hydrogen gas –> If present, If you hold a lit split near an open test tube there will be a squeaky pop.
  2. Chlorine gas —> If present, it would bleach damp blue litmus paper
  3. Carbon dioxide gas —> If present, this would turn limewater cloudy.
  4. Oxygen gas —> If present, it would relight a glowing splint.

By Anshjeet Singh


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