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Chemical analysis – Flame tests & Tests for gases

Method: 1) First get your mystery solution. 2) Then sterilise you Nichrome Wire. 3) Now, dip your Nichrome wire into the mystery solution. 4) Next, place your nichrome wire (which has the mystery solution) on the Bunsen Burner flame and observe the colour of the flame. 5) Match the colour of the flame to aContinue reading “Chemical analysis – Flame tests & Tests for gases”

Endothermic reactions in GCSE Chemistry

Hey guys, today I will be doing an overview for Endothermic reactions. An Endothermic reaction is when there is energy taken in from the surroundings. This can be shown by a decrease in temperature on a thermometer. Bond Breaking = ENDOTHERMIC This is important as when a product is formed there is going to beContinue reading “Endothermic reactions in GCSE Chemistry”